Tyres Fall Off Moving Truck


The CCTV clip, filmed in Longyan City in southwestern China’s Fujian Province on June 29, shows a man walking into his car parked on the side of the road and being about to drive away.

However, two tires dropping from a lorry passing by roll along the street and hit the car twice.

A tire bumps into the front of the car directly, while the other one bounces up after crashes into something and then strikes the top of the vehicle.

The car driver can be seen opening the door to escape immediately.

If you think you’re bad luck person, you should watch the video. It probably isn’t as bad as this man’s in a video circulating online. It shows the moment two runaway tires rolled directly towards his car and smashed into it while he was still inside the vehicle. Surprisingly, the man stepped out of the car seemingly unhurt.

The video shows a man walking towards his car and subsequently sitting inside it. Seconds later, a truck is seen driving by the car followed by two runaway tires rolling on the street. The first tire crashes into the front corner of the car activating the airbags and causing a sever dent to the bonnet. The other tire rolls over a bump and ends up in the air before falling on right on top of the car ruining its roof and windshield. The driver is then seen stepping out of the vehicle.

After posting on the social network, the video has collected quite a few reactions.

“This gentleman is blessed to be alive,” says one Facebook user. “Take a deep breath and pick these two tyres & sale it to repair your car” says another.

The case was being investigated.


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